Krissi Kay Jewelry: Joy in Creating

Krissi Kay, a local jewelry maker, spends her days creating quality jewelry pieces, so you can express your personal style. We adore her creative spirit and heart for women and we’re excited to highlight Krissi Kay Jewelry and share more about her story.

Krissi got interested in jewelry making about 32 years ago. She started out making fabric jewelry pieces and sold at a few craft fairs and holiday markets. Loving the creative process, but needing to put her family first, Krissi put jewelry making on the back burner as her family grew and began homeschooling.

During that time she encountered beaded jewelry through a friend, and made pieces for family and friends. She made more than she could personally wear, so again, she began selling her handmade pieces through home shows.

Over the years, Krissi has continued to develop her skill set. “I think a creative brain solves problems…and truly, I just can’t help myself,” she says.
Eventually she was introduced to sterling silver wire and with that added to her toolbox, the sky was the limit.

 As her creative juices flowed, she, once again, found herself making and creating more than she personally needed, and began selling her handmade silver jewelry.
Krissi shares, “It is a joy to take an idea and watch it come to life. I actually can’t help myself…it is just who I am. Simply put, I create because it is how God has gifted and made me.”

 Fast forward to today, Krissi’s children are grown and she has more time to devote to this creative endeavor, which has evolved into Krissi Kay Jewelry. She’s now added metalsmithing to her list of talents and continues to dream about the possibilities as she uses her creative talents to craft new piece.

 One piece of jewelry may not change the world, but it just might change a life. Krissi has a passion for jewelry and a heart for women of domestic abuse. When you purchase her handmade jewelry, she donates 20% of all profits to domestic abuse shelters and assistance.

We love having her pieces in the store and are grateful to partner with her in the vision of supporting women through thoughtful purchases.

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