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Accessory Jane: the Perfect Pair

The mother/daughter duo behind the Dallas-based jewelry brand Accessory Jane, Vicky and Liz, make modern jewelry to inspire confident women.

Both Liz and Vicky are creatives. They love the freedom in running their own business. They founded the jewelry line after Liz had her daughter as a way for her to stay home and keep working. The love of jewelry and the creative process wasn’t new though.

 Vicky has long been maker and has been designing jewelry for over 25 years. She started making and selling things when she was 10 in the French Market in New Orleans. Vicky grew up making everything from purses, pincushions, Christmas stockings, and dolls with whatever materials she could find laying around.

While the family lived in Hong Kong, Vicky began designing jewelry and importing pearls. Much of Accessory Jane’s design aesthetic and style is born from that time. The family collected natural stones, locally made textiles, handcrafted items, and artifacts that still inspire them today.

 Liz contributes to the design, branding, and marketing of Accessory Jane. Her unique sense of style is a major influence on the pieces that the pair create. She is always looking for unique, bold, bright colors, and interesting textures.

 To now run a creative business and work with her daughter is a beautiful full circle moment. “It’s such a joy and privilege to work with and cheer on my daughter. It’s kind of crazy the way it’s worked throughout the years. Sometimes I’ve had more on my plate and Liz steps in and takes the lead, other times Liz has hand her hands full and I can take the helm,” says Vicky. This teamwork mentality has served them both well as Accessory Jane has grown and allowed them each to work from their natural strengths.

 Accessory Jane strives to source materials whenever they can from small, women-owned businesses around the world. They love to empower women and a portion of their proceeds go to local women’s groups. Vicky and Liz have been kind supporters of the work Sparrow is doing and we are so grateful.

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